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G.A.P. Curriculum for Grades K - 2


G.A.P. is a 30 - day curriculum package for children in grades K - 2 who need to be withdrawn from school rapidly. When you need a fast, complete solution to start homeschooling immediately, G.A.P. has you covered! G.A.P. is an inexpensive, immediate solution to give you time to make a well-thought out decision about long-term curriculum. Why spend hundreds on a curriculum you're not sure about only to be stuck with it for an entire year? Everything you need for all subjects for 30 days is included - and yes, there are complete instructions! There's NOTHING else to buy! You can download the G.A.P. and start homeschooling immediately. Imagine, 20 minutes from now, you could be homeschooling! What are you waiting for?

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